SensGard Relaunches Website

Hello and welcome to our newly redesigned website.  My name is Greg Post and I am the founder of SensGard.  I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share with you useful tips, information and articles related to hearing and hearing protection.  I have communicated with many customers over the years, using traditional phones and email.  Now I have a platform to provide answers to questions you send me.

One question I frequently get asked is the difference between the SG-26 and SG-31.  Both devices use the same technology.  The SG-31 chamber is slightly larger than the SG-26 which allows more sound energy to be dampened and reduced. 

Generally speaking, the SG-26 is a great universal model to be used in the wood shop, with power tools, in the office, at school, on the plane or at the race track.

We recommend the SG-31 for protection around very loud noise.  We have mechanics that work at O'Hare using this model.  Indoor target ranges are extremely loud and we'd recommend the SG-31.  Or, if you have some hearing loss and are concerned with protecting what you have, the SG-31 will provide maximum protection.

Sometimes just hearing the difference will help you.  One of our valued customers, Paul-Marcel, posted a video on his blog Half-Inch Shy.  It is seven minutes long, but it will give you an idea of the difference in sound reduction between the two units.  Click on the link below.  Then send me some questions and let me know what you think.