Safety First and Last Longer!

This catch phrase sums up lessons learned at the Western New York Safety Conference where I spent the day yesterday with Greg and Jeff Douglass, our newest addition to the SensGard family. We met so many dedicated people from various industries who all shared the common desire to keep their workforce safe. From heads, to toes, eyes and of course ears, no part of a worker is immune to potential harm.  The key, I believe is in education and opportunity. Simply handing someone a protective device and instructing them to wear it will not produce a good long  term outcome. Educating people on why they need to protect their ears, for example, as well as consequences will be the motivator to use hearing protection consistently.  And of course, the hearing protection of choice is SensGard! What awesome feed back we have received from the 'real world'; the men and women out their in shops, on industrial floors and in the field. They all agreed the SensGard products met their needs and expectations above and beyond other options! We appreciate the feedback: all of the happy 'users' out there are our best advertisement! If ears could smile, then the ones protected with SensGard would be grinning, well, ear to ear!

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