Meet Hans Troost


Mr. Hans Troost, who resides in the Netherlands, is a musician, piano tuner, sound engineer and dedicated user of the SensGard Ear Chambers. I recently contacted Mr. Troost to ask him about his experiences using the Ear Chambers. He was gracious enough to answer my questions not only promptly, but in English, which is handy since the only Dutch word I know is Heineken.

Hans began using the Ear Chambers in 2005. Back then they were referred to as ZEMs, for Zwislocki Ear Muffler. He had previously tried musician’s ear plugs and other hearing protection before that. His main reason for doing so had to do with symptoms of tinnitus (ringing) and hyperacusis (an increased sensitivity to sounds). Both of these can be symptoms of hearing loss, but sometimes can be found independently from damage to the ear.

Hans found that this element of increased sensitivity posed the biggest challenge.  A common reaction to hyperacusis is to cover up or plug up the ears. This may provide temporary relief, but does not help in the long run. We all have moments when a sound is too loud and we instinctively cover our ears. Think of a fire truck going by on the street. But imagine if everyday sounds had this same impact on a person. It would be difficult to go about one’s day in the average setting. This is the challenge of hyperacusis.

One benefit of the Ear Chambers is that it allows some sound into the ear canal, but can also provide some attenuation and relief.  Hans also notes that it is easy to put the Ear Chambers on and off, they do not irritate the ear canal and there is no feeling of fullness.

When Dr. Zwislocki was designing the SensGard Ear Chambers, his primary focus was not people with sound tolerance issues. It was to protect the ear from damaging external sounds. As with many inventions, there are unforeseen uses and benefits. We at SensGard are so happy that people in the music industry and other areas that may need hearing protection as well as possible help with hyperacusis use the Sensgard product.

Hans’ website: provides valuable information about hearing, noise exposure, hyperacusis and other information. There is also a link to order the Ear Chambers, referred to as ZEMs. Hans, who now serves as a sales representative for SenGard, stated most of the Dutch customers are musicians, those with hyperacusis, woodworkers and children who need help concentrating in noisy school environments. Hans recommends viewing for more information about hypercusis.

It’s often said that a happy customer is the best form of advertising, but a happy customer who believes in a product so much that he offers it on his website is even better! Hans highly recommends Ear Chambers for piano tuners and musicians to prevent hearing loss. Dank Hans!