Concerts & Events

Focus on The Fun, Not on the Noise

Don’t Miss Out on the Sounds You Love — Today or Tomorrow

Ever notice the ringing in your ears after a booming concert, a noisy sporting event, or a high-energy dance club? That’s the sound of permanent hearing damage, which can lead to irreversible hearing loss.

Be sure you can always hear the sounds you love — now and later — with hearing protection that’s safe, sleek, and comfortable enough for even the loudest and longest events.

Practice Safe Listening

•   Protect ears against unsafe sound levels that cause permanent hearing damage

Hear Music and Sounds at Safe Levels

•   All sounds and tones remain in-tact, sound is not distorted.  Hear the cars on the track, at a safe volume.  Damaging noise is minimized, for a better (and safer) overall listening experience

Easy to Wear for Any Occasion or Event

•   Sleek, low-profile design

•   Available in subtle black, or a variety of statement-making colors

•   Soft foam cuffs for all-day and all-night comfort, wherever the party takes you


Hear What SensGard Users are Saying


At the drag strip....

At the drag strip....

Even outdoor concerts can be loud...

Even outdoor concerts can be loud...

SensGard makes playing music more comfortable and has changed the way I hear music. It changes the color of the sound. I can’t imagine playing drums without them now.
— Art Frank, Musician/Drummer