Hearing & Sensory Disorders

Take Back Your Hearing, Take Back Your Life

Comfortable Hearing Management, at a Comfortable Price

Hearing sensitivities are a sensitive subject.

Often a source of daily discomfort, hearing sensitivities and disorders can be detrimental to life at home, at work, and in social situations, causing stress, fatigue, and isolation from daily activities.

Unlike expensive electronic custom devices, SensGard Ear Chambers are simple technology developed by hearing experts, enabling high-quality noise management at an affordable price.

Don’t let hearing sensitivity quiet your life. Find safe, simple relief for hearing and sensory discomfort with SensGard Ear Chambers.

Effective Noise Cancellation for Empowered Living

•    High attenuation reduces noise to a comfortable level

•    Voices and high-frequency sounds remain clear and audible, while low-frequency competing background noise is blocked

•    Remain alert and connected to social situations while managing uncomfortable sound levels

Designed to Meet the Highest Auditory Standards

•  University-designed, and backed by decades of experience in the fields of sensory research and audiology

•  Developed with the highest standards of hearing protection and user comfort in mind

•  Backed by expert audiologists to ensure safety, accuracy, and effectiveness so you can wear with confidence

I’ve used other options, including $200 plugs with flat attenuation. SensGard Ear Chambers do the same thing, but they do it for less.
— Hans T., Hyperacusis Patient

Guaranteed Satisfaction

•  Your comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed — try it risk-free for 60 days

•  If you’re not happy with what you hear, simply return for a full refund

•  Learn more about our risk-free guarantee

Hear What SensGard Users are Saying

Ideal for relief of hearing discomfort caused the following conditions:

•   Hyperacusis (heightened sensitivity or pain caused by sounds at normal levels in everyday environments)

•   Tinnitus (ringing in the ears, often caused by loud, damaging noise)

•   Autism-related noise sensitivity

•   Central Auditory Processing Disorder (difficulty recognizing and processing sounds over background noise, or between more than one sound at a time)