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Tackle Your To-Do List - Without Sacrificing your Hearing

For your noisiest days, SensGard Ear Chambers provide the powerful hearing protection you need, without isolation from family and friends around you.

From household chores and yard work to hobbies or crafts requiring loud tools or machinery - get more done in less time without the need to remove hearing protection to communicate.

Easy for At-Home Use

•   No special equipment or batteries required

•   Lightweight and compact for easy storage

•   Wear around the neck when not in use

Effective Protection for Every Activity

•   Block damaging noise from everyday household tools and equipment

•   Protect ears from loud music, TV, or background noise

•   Hear voices clearly so you can remain alert and safe


•   Better performance for a fraction of the price of expensive electronic noise-cancelling devices

•   Long-wearing foam cuffs are environmentally-friendly and economical

•   Purchase multiple pairs for easy access in your home, garage, or on-the-go

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Leaf Blowing

Leaf Blowing