Intelligent Solutions for Safe Hearing

High Noise Reduction Rating
Hear Speech, Warning Signals or the Pitch of a Machine at a Safe Level

Easy On and Off
Adjustable Headband
Lightweight, less than 2 ounces

University Developed and Patented
Independently Tested and Reviewed
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hygienic, Nothing in the Ear or Trapping Heat Around the Ear
Does Not Interfere With Safety Glasses


Folds to Fit in Shirt Pocket or Toolbox

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Use around any loud noise to prevent hearing damage and reduce fatigue.  Especially useful when important sounds need to be heard in a noisy environment.  Hear conversation without the need to remove you hearing protection.  Hear the pitch of a machine to ensure proper operation.  This is the perfect hearing protection for situations where periodic damaging noise creates the need for hearing protection to be quickly available and easy to put on and take off.  Maintenance personnel, mechanics, machine operators, power equipment users will benefit from this device. This product is made in the U.S.A.

Ear Muffler Model SG-26

Ear Muffler Model SG-26