Meet Team Behind SensGard


Greg Post, CEO

I think my background with hearing protection was pretty similar to that of most people.  When I was young, I never even considered wearing hearing protection.  Using power lawn mowers, attending races, going to concerts, exposed me to some very loud noise.  I remember going to see a loud rock band in my mid-20s.  My ears were ringing for two days after.  I knew I had done some damage and it is the first time I can recall paying attention to my hearing.

Fast forward a couple of decades.  I now have a mild case of tinnitus, or ringing in the ear.  I’m lucky that it doesn’t hamper my daily activities, but when I am in a quiet room and conscious of it, it sounds like someone trying to dial in a radio station, constantly.  I also find myself asking my wife to repeat herself, seemingly more and more with each passing year.

I invite anyone that hasn’t found their “right” hearing protection to try these.  If you can find something you like, you will just naturally use them more. After all, the only hearing protection that works is the one you’ll wear.


Jeff Douglass, Vice President

In joining the SensGard team, I found a strong personal connection as I live with a mild hearing impairment, presumably caused by exposure to loud, damaging noise when I was young.  As a result, I have a great appreciation for hearing protection.  I personally use the SensGard Hearing Chambers on a daily basis and am proud to be associated with such a beneficial and worthwhile endeavor.

My professional life has afforded me the opportunity to see the world: Quito, Dubai, Bangkok and places in-between.  Throughout it all, I have enjoyed those business experiences were where I could help my customers the most.  I enjoy helping and working with with those who wear SensGard Ear Chambers, as well as those who offer them to their own customers through various retail channels.  

Today you are most likely to find me in Rochester, NY with my family – either coaching a soccer game or attending a dance recital or competition - and often wearing SensGard Ear Chambers through it all!



Dr. Sarah Klimasewski, Audiologist

As an audiologist working in the field for over 22 years, a large part of my job entails counseling people about protecting their hearing.  Noise is all around us: at home, at work and even when we are out having fun! Regardless of the source, when I first learned of the SensGard hearing protectors, I was sold that this is the best product available to protect our ears.

Here at SensGard, you’ll find me testing out the latest products, consulting with the team about the best ways to protect our hearing, and right here on the SensGard blog where I discuss all things ears. If there is a topic you are interested in, or if you have a specific question, please let me know and I will be happy to look into it and post findings on the blog.

A few things about me: I call the village of Fairport along the Erie Canal home, along with my husband and three kids. Most days you can find me out running or hiking, sometimes with my trusty side kick, Lola (see photo).  I cannot go a day without coffee, peanut butter or Netflix and at the risk of sounding really boring; I rarely stay awake past 9:30 p.m.