How it Works

How Do SensGard Ear Chambers Work?

ZEM™ Intelligent Ear Chamber Technology

Our patented ear chamber technology combines physics with physiological precision.

The result?

A simple, intelligent solution that balances safe and dangerous sound levels, so you can hear what you need to hear and stay safe from what you don’t.

More Than Hearing Protection

Sound Selection

Hollow chambers act as an external extension of the inner ear canal

Sound waves in the environment reach the outer ear

Chambers re-direct sound energy away from the inner ear canal

A small amount of sound energy is left to enter the ear

The chamber is “tuned” to pull more of the low frequency sounds away from the ear

These low frequency sounds mask speech, so the chambers eliminate this masking effect

This allows speech and other useful sounds to be heard more clearly

SensGard Diagram 3-3.jpg

All sounds remain safe natural and undistorted, yet harmful effects of loud noise are directed away from the ear, leaving the sounds you hear at a SAFE level for SAFE hearing.

University Developed, Backed by Science

Designed and developed by distinguished Professor of Neuroscience Emeritus and founder of the Institute for Sensory Research at Syracuse University, Dr. Jozef Zwislocki, ZEM™ Intelligent Ear Chamber Technology is innovative engineering for simple yet powerful hearing protection.

Backed by decades of experience in the fields of sensory research, audiology ZEM™ Intelligent Ear Chamber Technology is developed with the highest standards of hearing protection and user comfort in mind.