On the Job

Hear what you need to get the job done

Get the most out of your hearing protection, so you can get the most out of your day.

Work is hard.
Protecting your hearing shouldn’t have to be. 

Unlike bulky earmuffs that block out voices, ineffective disposable plugs, or expensive electronic noise cancellation devices, SensGard Ear Chambers provide powerful, uninterrupted protection that won’t slow you down, and won’t break the bank.

Don’t let your ears — or your work — suffer. Protect your hearing on the job with SensGard Ear Chambers.

Easy to Wear, No Matter What the Day Brings

•   Soft, foam cuffs conform to the shape of your ear for long-lasting comfort

•   Low-profile and lightweight

•   Keeps ears cool and comfortable

•   Easily fits under a hardhat or with safety goggles

•   Hang around the neck when not in use

Easy Communication on the Job

•   Don’t miss important voices, instructions, and safety signals

•   No need to remove your hearing protection to speak or listen

•   Focus better on the task at hand without distraction or fatigue

High Performance, Low Price

•   Don’t pay for overpriced or underperforming hearing protection - get what works for less

•   Powerful NRR up to 31 - equal or greater NRR as voice-prohibitive muffs or plugs, for less

•   Rugged and durable for long-lasting protection in the harshest environments

Ideal for all high-noise work environments:

•   Manufacturing

•   Construction

•   Mechanics

•   Transportation

•   Airports

•   Design & Engineering Studios

•   And more

Hear What SensGard Users are Saying


High decibel grinding

High decibel grinding

The high quality gives me peace of mind that my hearing is protected and I won’t have to worry about hearing loss as I get older.
— Tom H, Dunn Tire Safety Director
Hear sounds, eliminate noise

Hear sounds, eliminate noise

High pitched shop vac

High pitched shop vac