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*Note: SensGard Ear Chambers are formerly known as SensGard Ear Mufflers, SensGard ZEM, or may be licensed or branded under other names throughout locations in the U.K (Branded Napier). Although the technology and features of the product remain identical and have not changed, reviewers prior to 2015 or throughout the U.K. may reference the product by another name mentioned above. The SensGard Ear Chamber is the current name of the product being reviewed amongst all users. 


SensGard Hearing Protection Review and Demo
See and hear SensGard Ear Chambers in action with woodworker and hobbyist Paul Marcel's review and demonstration of the NRR 26 and and NRR 31 models.

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SensGard Hearing Protection NRA Review
NRA member Shane tests out his SensGard Ear Chambers while shooting and talking with his partner.

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2009 Frost & Sullivan North American Product Innovation Award

The 2009 Frost & Sullivan North American Product Innovation Award in hearing protection devices goes to SensGard LLC in recognition of the development of its SensGard ZEM Hearing Protection Device SG 31 that is based on the patented Zwislocki Ear Muffler (ZEM) technology. As opposed to other hearing protection devices, this technology enables hearing protection from loud sounds by directing the sound away from the ear instead of blocking it.

Customer Testimonials

 After several months of daily use the SensGard hearing protectors have fulfilled all of my expectations in my search for the "ultimate" in affordable hearing protection. I work as an aircraft line maintenance mechanic on the ramp in the very noisy environment at O'Hare International Airport.

 Noise reduction is excellent across the board. I really put the to the test while standing under a running Rolls Royce AE 3007A jet engine checking for oil leaks with the bottom cowling open! The added benefit of being able to discern normal conversation over the din is truly remarkable. Their small size and light-weight are a definite plus over the bulky "muffs" I had been using. They are also much more comfortable to wear when the temperature soars.

Mike C, OHare International Airport

 “Excellent product with exceptional noise canceling performance.  Its lightweight design contributes to the very comfortable feel on your head with no head ache after prolong wear like my ear muff noise defenders.  Definitely recommend this product.

 Juan H, Abilene Texas

“I am in a state of bliss. Received the SensGard today, and used it in the swimming pool. It was as if no one else boom shrieking lifeguards...made my day! Thanks...I am ordering another to have in would be easy to lose.

 Thanks for making these available…"

 Kahlee K, Ladysmith, BC

 “[Your] product just changed my life. I got it in the mail 20 minutes ago and I'm already writing this because I haven't had this kind of relief in almost a year, since my traumatic head injury. Thank you thank you THANK YOU.”

 Estathea L., SensGard Customer

 I tried this product in my shop and also with the lawn mower, gas blower and gas trimmer and it worked very well.  I did not have to take it off or open a side like I would have had to do with conventional ear muffs.

Lee H, Manitowoc WI

I have used hearing muffs for years.  The SensGard ZEM Hearing Protection Device worked as well as my best muffs without the weight.  Where my muffs are hot to wear meaning even in cool weather I sweat badly under the muffs.  This is not a problem with the ZEM device.

PaulH, Lincolnton NC

We have tried many products to help alleviate excessive noise for my wifes hyperacusis and tinnitus and nothing has worked as well as your ZEM.  Its a real blessing.”

 Floyd S, SensGard Customer


 I've now used your ZEM product on my South African plains game hunt in the East Cape.  After firing 26 rounds through my 378GNR handgun (equivalent to a 375 H&H Magnum; a very powerful and loud cartridge) in the process of harvesting 7 very good handgun trophies I am very impressed.  With the ZEM unit in my ears, I could hear well, including continuing conversation with my professional hunter, and when I shot I'd hear the shot but not to the extent that my ears were ringing.  Very impressive.  Another hunter on the trip, who was continuing for another week after I left, was complaining about the obvious issue of hearing protection for the shot while still being able to communicate with the PH up to that point that this product solves.  I loaned the unit to him for his continuing trip, and he was very appreciative.

 Greg, I've spent as much money as necessary to try any solution to this problem.  I bought Walker Game Ears with custom silicone ear pieces, and later Ear, Inc. units with silicone inserts, a $1000 experience.  As far as I'm concerned, this unit at about $33 delivered makes my $1000 Ear, Inc. units obsolete, and if I was Ear, Inc, I'd be very concerned about this technology.

Larry K, SensGard Customer

 I just got the Zem's and these are amazing.  I purchased them specifically because Lee Valley (a Canadian company that carries your product) mentioned in their catalogue that the inventor is an SU professor.  I am an SU grad so I thought "why not?" and ordered them.  I have a small woodworking shop that is very loud with the machinery running.  The sound difference between your product and my 5 other types of hearing protection is unreal.  They even beat foam plugs in the ear with cup style protection over them, which has been my default solution to really loud noise.  

 I also have a neurological auditory disability called Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).  I am very sensitive to loud noises, and especially multiple sounds at once that compete with each other (like speech with a machine running in the background, or watching TV with a dishwasher running or a child playing in the background.)  Both sounds cancel each other out and my brain can't decipher either of the sounds.  This is a frustrating problem with few solutions and no cure other than to avoid noisy situations in your life.   

 As a cabinetmaker it is difficult to avoid noisy situations.  But today I worked all morning with a shaper, a dust collector, an air conditioner, and a radio running.  On a normal day I would be exhausted and mentally worn out from that type of noise.  It is now 4:30 pm and I am going back to work...because of Zem's.  They canceled out the air conditioner, the radio, the hum noise from the shaper and most of the dust collection fan.  The loudest noise was the shaper head cutting through the wood and the wood chips hitting the fan in the dust collector.  Unreal!   

 My other hearing protection has only been able to protect my ears from the decibels of the sound.  Since your product eliminates a lot of the sound from coming into my ear, I am going to experiment wearing them around the house and in other noisy situations in my life to help me with my CAPD.  This may be a great solution to this problem.

 So thank you very, very much.  I think your product is going to be very helpful to me. “

 SensGard Customer