School & Office

Focus on Your Work, Not on the Noise Around You


Eliminate Distraction in the Classroom or Office

 Whether youre trying to read, study, work, or relax, background noise in any classroom or work space can compete for our attention and cause stress and distraction, making it difficult to focus on whats important.

 Quiet the noise around you while remaining alert to voices and sounds with SensGard Ear Chambers.

 Balance Noise Levels in Your Environment

•   Bring low-frequency background noise (such as the drone of electronics or a crowded office) to a low level

•   Hear voices and important sounds clearly when your attention is needed

•   Create peace and calm in a chaotic office or classroom

•   Increase focus on instructors or speakers in a crowded room

 Lasting Comfort for All Day and All-Night

•   Lightweight headset and soft foam cuffs

•   Work or study longer

 Blend In Or Make a Statement

•   Low-profile, muff-free headset can be worn discreetly in a classroom or office setting

•   Choose from subtle black, or express your personal style with a variety of color options

 Hear What SensGard Users are Saying

Reading During Science Lab

Reading During Science Lab

Hear sounds, eliminate noise

Hear sounds, eliminate noise