Sport Shooting/Hunting


Defend Your Ears, Hear Voices Clearly

Power-Free Noise Cancellation for Your Most Powerful Shots

Whether you’re shooting out in the field or on the range, the ability to hear voices and sounds around you is essential for accuracy and safety. Yet protecting your ears from damaging gunshot noise is a must.

Now, you can have both — without bulky and expensive electronic muffs — with SensGard Ear Chambers.

Powerful Protection, Clear Communication

•   High noise reduction rating provides powerful protection against the loudest gunshots

•   Hear range commands and normal conversation clearly, without the need to remove protection

Easy to Wear, Easy to Use

•   Lightweight headset and soft foam cuffs for all-day comfort

•   Low-profile design won’t get in the way of a gun stock or safety glasses

•   Keeps ears cool in the heat, and fits under winter gear in the cold

•   No more dead batteries — simple, battery-free technology that’s always ready when you are

•   Folds for easy storage on the go

Better Performance, Better Price

•   High-quality protection and battery-free convenience, at an affordable price

•   Durable and long-lasting for years of dependable use

•   No batteries to replace, or costly hardware to maintain

Ideal for protection during:

•   Hunting

•   Range shooting

•   Target practice

•   Skeet shooting




Ear Chamber SensGard SG-26

Ear Chamber SensGard SG-26

Skeet Shooting

Skeet Shooting

Target Shooting

Target Shooting

No interference with cheek weld or glasses

No interference with cheek weld or glasses

SensGard Ear Chambers are super comfortable to wear
— Paul M.