Turn Down the NOise, Hear What Matters

SensGard Ear Chambers

  • Hear Clearly                          
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Save Time and Money       

It's a Noisy World.

Without protection against the dangerous sounds in our environment, we risk irreversible hearing damage.

Yet traditional hearing protection can be uncomfortable, expensive and make it hard to hear important sounds, like voices.

The Solution? Simple.

SensGard Ear Chambers combine simple design with revolutionary chamber technology for maximum protection and easy communication...all at an affordable price.

No Muffs

No Disposable Plugs

 No Batteries

No Risk

No Hassle

The Difference is Loud and Clear

Long Wearing Comfort

Focus on what’s important, so you can get more done.


·         Lightweight

·         Keeps ears and head cool

·         Does not interfere with safety glasses

·         Hangs around neck when not in use

·         Folds for easy storage on-the-go


Save Time and Money

Don’t pay the price of hearing loss.

·         Simple, non-electronic design is effective and inexpensive

·         Long-lasting and durable

·         No batteries to replace

·         No costly equipment to maintain

Safe and Effective

Protect your hearing, protect yourself.

·         High noise reduction rating for the highest noise environments, up to NRR 31db

·         Reduce fatigue

·         Minimize stress and distraction

·         Prevent accidents and injuries caused by stress, fatigue and distraction

·         Hear important sounds in your noisy environment

Developed by Scientists, Backed by Audiologists

Protection you can trust.

·         Patented design by Dr. Jozef Zwislocki founder of the Institute for Sensory Research at Syracuse University

·         Backed by the expertise of staff audiologists to ensure the highest standard of protection